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Wedding Flowers

The wedding florist team at Lilla Bello is dedicated to making your wedding day a perfect vision of who you are as a couple, by not only designing gorgeous wedding flowers, but by capturing the mood and tone of your entire day. We work closely with you on creating an environment that reflects who you are, your story, and your personalities, while presenting the floral elements in a way that is both timeless and elegant.

Whether you are planning an intimate wedding with a sophisticated ambiance or an extravagant celebration bursting with color, we will make sure your floral vision and wedding bouquets are everything you dreamed it would be! Our wedding floral design services are available all along our glorious Southern California coastline: Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Ojai, Montecito, Santa Ynez, Palm Springs, Orange County, Laguna Beach, and beyond!

how do we get started?

Yay! You found us, and we're so glad you did! Please complete our Wedding Consultation Form which will immediately give us an overview of your floral needs and wishes. You will hear from us within 24 hours (usually way sooner) to get started!

Step 2 – Phone Consultation

Right off the bat, we love having a quick chat. Maybe 10-15 minutes max as just an initial meet and greet. We will review with you some general pricing guidelines and any questions you might have. If you have a budget in mind, please do share this with us. We will always do our very best to make it work, and it’s valuable intel for us as we may then best to guide you towards ways to make those dollars count! 

Step 3 – In-Person Consultation

Assuming we all felt great about the Phone Consultation, we’d love to invite you in for a more in depth sit down and break down of everything flowers! Bring your fiancé, bring your Mom, bring your bestie, or come solo! We’ll get the Nespresso Maker warmed up and sit down in our beautiful consultation room where you can look and touch and explore everything! We can go through pictures of past weddings, play with our rental items in the showroom, and really just get to know each other. After this meeting, we will prepare a formal proposal for your wedding flowers which will line item every detail.

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How far in advance do we need to book for our wedding?

The sooner the better. Here’s the thing…we are not a wedding factory and we don’t want to be. We only take a certain amount of wedding work because giving our couples all of our care and attention is very important to us. We do book up. That said, by booking in we are simply promising to work together for your wedding flowers. All of the details (additions + subtractions) can be made up until 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. So relax! If you love pink today and decide in 2 months you want yellow, it’s all good! If your guest counts goes up or down, we make those final adjustments way down the line. We will give you all the details and deadlines so you’ll have plenty of time to get those final decisions made.

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What if I find another florist that’s cheaper than you?

Sigh. You will. We have to assume that what brought you to our door is our body of work, the quality of our designs and florals, and our longevity and reputation in this industry. If you truly love flowers and it’s one of the most important things for your wedding, it would be our absolute joy to work with you. If you don’t love flowers and they just aren’t all that important to you, then thats ok too, but you can certainly find someone cheaper who can get the job done! Sorry if thats blunt but we truly want everybody to feel great about working together.

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What is the deposit requirement?

50% is requested. 

If you need to break this up into 4 payments, just ask…we’re super friendly.

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Should I use Pinterest to collect wedding ideas?

Pinterest can be an incredible tool for discovering your likes and dislikes. When a couple comes to us with a Pinterest board, it serves as a great jumping off point. We dont expect you to know flower names or the seasonality of those flowers (back off, that’s our job!). We look for what colors you love, what types of flowers you are gravitating towards, your overall style preferences and so on. Just beware of some common pitfalls such as getting your heart set on an exact rose color or floral specimen. Flowers are products of nature, therefore not only are they seasonal, but they can also vary greatly in color/shade. Wrap your minds around this fact so you may enjoy the beautiful variations as opposed to being disappointed if each bloom isn’t an exact replica of another. We are looking to understand your overall vibe and from there, it is our job to steer you towards the florals which are in season for your wedding, the florals that suit your budget, and present you with additional options that support your overall vision. 

Psst… if you find yourself “pinning” at 3am and constantly second-guessing your likes/dislikes, stop and walk away! Remember what this day is about – you and your future spouse, and who you two are as a couple. There is no right or wrong– decide what means the most to you, and stick with it!  Go.To. Sleep.

Wedding Flower Inspiration
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Wedding Flowers for you

What do you see when you close your eyes and visualize the day? If that is an elegant wedding arch in soft romantic colors, great! If it’s more about the reception and your guests, then let’s start there! Try to think about how you decorate your own home, or how your closet is organized in order to steer yourself in the direction of your style and colors. Trust yourself! You want to be able to look back at your wedding photos over the years and still see YOU. This is the design direction that will stand the test of time.

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Do I need a wedding theme?

Goodness no! This is not a Sweet 16 or your cousins astronaut inspired Bar Mitzvah. You can easily achieve a formal wedding or a casual wedding, and anything in between, without “theme’ing it up”. Save that for your next BBQ or birthday party. Let’s keep this classy people!

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Do I need to decide a color palette for my wedding?

This is a tougher question to answer because, well, we just don’t believe in rules. We did a wedding once at a private residence where each room was a different color story. Sound crazy? It certainly could have been, but thats when we kick it into high gear and come up with ways to create this experience that honors the vision you are going for, without throwing everything and the kitchen sink into the room! It’s an exercise in editing and pulling back as much as it is fully committing to the color we are featuring. 

That said, most couples know the colors they are happy with, and we will then guide you towards floral selections that will work best!

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What are some popular flower trends right now?

Trends, Schmends! Be careful here, because you will be looking at these pictures for years to come, and your future grandchildren are already thinking of ways to make fun of you! We take enormous pride in watching how trends evolve and then incorporating hints of them into a classic, timeless floral arrangement. If I see another editorial with a bride walking down the aisle with a basketball size bush of a bridal bouquet, I might just fall down dead. That said, todays trends are incorporating gorgeous mixed foliages and looser compositions which we love and know they will stand the test of time. Again, it’s a dance between editing and fully committing. By placing a select few untamed tendrils of foliage in the right places, you get a much more impactful design than “the bush look”. With trends, we ask that you allow us to guide you. If it’s something you love, of course you can have it. But if you get close to the edge of the cliff, you’ve gotta let us walk you back a little…

your beautiful ceremony florals?

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Do you offer other wedding services outside of florals?

Yes. We offer “Event Styling” services. To be clear, we are not event planners. And if you have an event planner, you should ask them if hiring us for our styling services will impede on their turf. If you don’t have an event planner or have a “month-of” planner who is not assisting you with styling services, then we’re here to help! 

We can assist in the overall design of your tabletop and sometimes extending into furniture rentals as well. We help in tying all the elements together. We’ve got a great start on the direction of your floral arrangements now, and you’re looking for guidance with table linens, china, glassware, cutlery, table layout ideas, and possibly bringing in specialty furnishings. We work with the BEST vendors in the business in all of these categories. 

We save you the time and confusion of sorting through hundreds of options in each of these categories. We do a “pull” for you and present you with 2 complete looks in a custom mood board (with up to 2 revisions). We collect and present you with pricing straight from each vendor. We do not up-charge our vendors prices. Rather, we charge you a flat 30% styling fee for whatever your rental invoices total. If you order $1,000 worth of rentals, we invoice you $300 which covers our time, the mood boards and our design expertise. Kinda worth it if you’re not doing a giant event which requires a full service planner, eh?

how do we get started?

Yay! You found us, and we're so glad you did! Please complete our Wedding Consultation Form which will immediately give us an overview of your floral needs and wishes. You will hear from us within 24 hours (usually way sooner) to get started!

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Does Lilla Bello have any floral containers that we may rent for our wedding?

Yes. This is when it gets fun. We have a beautiful showroom at our Santa Monica studio with a wide selection of floral vessels which can be rented for your wedding. We have everything ranging from modern metallic glass, to vintage mercury glass, to dreamy white “shabby chic” style vases, to vineyard inspired stone containers, to rustic wood, beachy sea-glass, and bohemian basket weaves in many sizes and styles.

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Does Lilla Bello have any candle holders that we may rent for our wedding?

Yes. Also in our showroom at our Santa Monica studio, we have a large assortment of votive holders, hurricane candle holders, and lanterns of all sizes and styles.

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Will you provide us with a “Sample” floral prior to the wedding?

You bet! All full-service weddings (personals, ceremony and reception flowers) will receive a complimentary “Sample Meeting” which typically takes place 3-4 weeks prior to the wedding date. This ensures that the exact flowers are available as we will be in, or close to, the current season at that time. Your sample will be one centerpiece floral arrangement. We will have tons of florals in the shop incase you would like us to make any adjustments to what we have prepared for you. Nobody leaves until it’s perfect and we’re all hugging and crying.

Giving Back Wedding Flowers

What happens to flower arrangements after the wedding?

We are big, no HUGE, believers of giving back. After the “I Do’s” and the amazing reception with all your loved ones, our clients often ask, what happens to all the flowers? It’s beyond shameful to think of them being thrown in the garbage when they have so much life left in them, and frankly, you just paid a sizable chunk of change for them! 

Option 1: if the floral vessels are rentals, we will make sure the flowers are in some sort of liner and can be lifted out so you may send them home with your guests. 

Option 2: we regularly donate flower arrangements to our local senior living centers and hospice care facilities in Santa Monica. We charge a nominal fee for the re-delivery on the following business day. See our Giving Back section for more details.

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