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Wedding consultation to design your dream day!

The question was popped, the answer was YES, and the planning begins! During such a special time in your life, it’s so important that the planning process isn’t some tedious “to-do” list where you are ticking off boxes. If flowers are an important element for you, let’s make your wedding consultation an exploration of everything that represents you and your journey up to this point!

At your Lilla Bello wedding flowers consultation, we will sit down with you and not only listen to your floral wishes, but we’ll get to know who you are. You don’t need to have all the answers or know the exact details of every design element, that’s our job. We will listen to you with an ear towards capturing your personalities in the overall vision of your wedding day. For example, this could be clean and simple mono-botanical floral arrangements in crisp white vessels, or it could be organic, untamed wildflowers, in mis-matched vases (and so many options in between!). The purpose of your initial wedding flower consultation is to capture the big picture, and from there we start honing in on some of the small details.

wedding consultation
Ready to get started? Here’s a quick Wedding Consultation Form that will help us kick things off. It’s basic, and don’t worry, nothing’s set in stone. It will give us a nice overview of what’s brewing in your mind already. From here, we’ll set up a call with you (usually 10-20 minutes) to discuss some general pricing guidelines. We know your time is valuable, as is ours, and there’s nothing more heartbreaking than spending 1-2 hours meeting, getting to know each other, coming up with some exciting design concepts, only to find that the budgets weren’t aligned properly and we won’t be able to work together. Now that those pesky details are out of the way, c’mon in, so we can show you around!

wedding consultation
Aptly nestled in the Westside’s acclaimed Bergamot Station Art Complex, you will keep your eyes peeled for our huge succulent wall on the east side of our building welcoming you to Lilla Bello – once you see that, you’re HERE! Our ground-level lifestyle shop is packed with little treasures: scented candles, potted succulents and orchids, beautiful tabletop gifts, unique floral vessels, and more. And yes, many of these items are rentable for your wedding day or available for purchase as gifts! You’ll get a sneak peek into our open air work studio where we are likely creating some gorgeous floral designs for some lucky duck! By this time, you might think the eye-candy is on overdrive already but buckle up, because upstairs we go!

Our wedding consultation room is private and cozy, and we have room for about 5-6 guests without feeling overcrowded (you don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen anyway!). We will pull up any inspiration images you’ve sent us on our TV monitor, including your Pinterest board, and we will also be prepared with additional images and inspirations of our own to show you. The walls in front of you are covered with images of past weddings with every design range you could image. Use this as inspiration, combine 2-3 looks to create your own, and the possibilities are endless. We will go over all of the major elements of your wedding flowers during this consultation meeting, so that we can then prepare a comprehensive proposal for you. Again, nothing is in stone. The next series of months is when we pull everything together, visit your venue together, do a sample table centerpiece and and you get to see the vision come to life. The moment I love the most is handing you your bouquet on your wedding day. Hugs, tears, laughs, and yes, now it’s in stone….

Are you ready to get started?

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Toby Kassoy, was born and raised in Southern California. In her college years she went up to Eugene Oregon, where she first fell in love with floristry. Upon returning to Los Angeles, she spent 8 years working in the Entertainment industry, while all along, flowers were always tugging on her heartstrings. In 2004 she decided to leave her corporate job and open Lilla Bello, aptly named after the beautiful lilac bushes she remembers outside her kitchen window in Oregon.

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