Subscription: Orchids (every 6-weeks)

From: $ 90.00 every 6 weeks

Now that we’re all spending more time at home, it’s even more important to be nourishing our homes and workspaces.

Subscribe and save!  Your orchids will be set on an automatic rotation so you never have to think about it!
Estimated plant life: 4-6 weeks

4-spike Orchid Garden with succulents : $375.00
4-spike Orchid Garden: $300.00
3-spike Orchid Garden with succulents : $250.00
3-spike Orchid Garden: $200.00
2-spike Orchid Garden with succulents : $200.00
2-spike Orchid Garden: $150.00
1-spike Orchid Garden with succulents: $150.00
1-spike Orchid Garden: $100.00

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Orchids are delivered every TUESDAY.
Please place your order by Sunday to reserve your plants.