Bloom Boxes

In this current age of social distancing, Lilla Bello has designed a new way of enjoying beautiful seasonal blooms, with limited & careful handling, and in direct support of our beautiful small flower farms.

This is a perfect gift for a friend or for yourself, as we all have our own inner flower child waiting to get out!

Lilla Bello’s philosophy with florals has not changed. We are devoted to cherry picking the seasons most beautiful blooms to bring to our discerning clientele. Each week our design team meets remotely with individual farmers to see what floral specimens are thriving and what color combinations feel harmonious. We assemble select varieties that represent the Lilla Bello aesthetic, and we deliver the cut blooms to your door so you can design and play!

Learn more about the Bloom Box program.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each Box will be comprised of a collection thoughtfully selected blooms by our design team at Lilla Bello and our friends at the farms who are privy to the best selections of the week!
  • Delivery every Wednesday (cut off date is the preceding Friday)
  • Multiple size box options to choose from
  • Available as a single gift OR as an ongoing subscription
  • Includes instructions for conditioning your flowers as well as a link to an instructional video for arranging your flowers
  • Los Angeles delivery only

As a Santa Monica florist, our open-air floral studio has been creating gorgeous floral designs since 2004, and with the changing times, we are even more committed to bringing our clientele gorgeous blooms!

Office Pretties

Add some orchids or succulents for overall office wellness

Home Arrangement, Succulents

It’s a proven scientific fact that working in an environment that includes living plants, orchids and succulents reduces carbon dioxide levels, and lowers stress. People want to go to work in a healthy environment. Long term benefits include increased productivity and reduced health care costs. Humans have an innate desire to be connected with nature, which scientists call ‘biophilia’. Unfortunately, the spaces we tend to spend most of our days – workplaces – tend to be stripped of much of their connection to the natural environment. Studies have shown that simply adding some greenery in the form of orchids, flower arrangements or succulent gardens can have major positive benefits for both employees and employers. Get your Los Angeles flowers today in your office!

Hey Flower Lovers

Having fresh flowers in your home on a regular basis is the best way to treat yourself!

Whether you are looking for fresh flowers in Los Angeles for your home on a weekly basis, and/or having us refresh and rotate your orchid plants on a monthly basis, there is nothing dearer to our hearts than getting to know our fellow flower lovers! We will get to know both you and your home. We will study your style and floral preferences, so that every floral installation fulfills your every wish! When special occasions come along like holidays or dinner parties, we come in seamlessly from our florist in Santa Monica and adorn your tabletops and accent tables without much more than a simple phone call.

Floral Styling

Celebrating the Seasons

Every season presents it’s own offerings! – Let’s celebrate them all!

Red Flower Arrangement Los Angeles

Mother nature’s gift to us is that around every corner is a brand new cycle of life beginning while that last one fades off. In today’s day and age when “wants” become immediate necessities, nature teaches us patience and respect. Although we experience the cycles of the seasons every year with flowers in Los Angeles, however each season change still brings a fresh and exciting energy to our everyday. Designing with these little treasures is a gift and one we are excited to share with you. You can always count on us buying the seasons most beautiful blooms when they are in their prime – they’ve been working a long time to get here so we want to show them off!

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